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This is what happens when you try to move out to the Bay Area during the housing crush of 2000. The initial plan was for me to come out a couple weeks early and search for housing while crashing at Dave's. Jay and the rest (5 of us in total) would arrive at the beginning of June, with everything setup for us to have a kickass apartment. Similar plans had worked for Jay and I in '98, so we thought we'd stick with what we knew.

We were foolish, of course. Instead of me finding an apartment immediately, I spent the end of May and most of June on the phone, futile-y trying to find a free apartment. As this continued to produce failure, we rented an RV to get some steadiness, and when we finally broke down, we paid over $4K/mo for a 2 bedroom apartment in Menlo Park.

This is a log of our summer.

5/20-5-31: Dave's
5/31-6/1: Matt's
6/2: Comfort Inn, Sunnyvale
6/3: Sunnyvale Inn & Suites (Jay arrives)
6/4-6/5: Matt's
6/6: San Antonio Inn with "Coyote" (did laundry at Stanford)
6/7: Sj/Sarah's (spent the night driving around to try and find another air mattress)
6/8: Pacific Inn ("jacuzzi")
6/9: Sj/Sarah's (after being screwed over by Silicon Valley Inn)
6/10: RV at New Brighton State Beach
6/11-6/14: RV back in Sunnyvale in the Trimble parking lot
6/15: Fly down to Burbank, end up staying there after Hawaii flight cancelled
6/16-6/20: Make it to Hawaii and stay at the Aston Waikiki Sunset
6/21: Dave's (using a shirt as my only sheet)
6/22: Finally move into Menlo Park apartment, but there's no furniture
7/6-8: In Atlanta for Randy's wedding. Stayed at Randy's the first night, then at the Wingate, which is a story in its own right.

There are some cryptic notes and inside jokes in the paper version of these notes, but even I no longer recognize the meaning of some of them.

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i hope "coyote" at least rings a bell. i'd forgotten about your trip to hawaii and the indian name you received on your return, tallest-lobster-ever. what are those cryptic notes and inside jokes? conspi^H^H^H^H^H insp^H^H^H^H inquiring minds want to know! maybe cohen will remember... did you ever meet hunter, sarah's homeless friend who slept on the roof of the RV?


Nope, never meant Hunter -- you'll have to regale me with stories -- but I definitely won't forget Coyote. Even though I lived a block away I never did go back to checkup on her.

I'll see how many of the cryptic/inside comments are post-friendly... many of them I feel have to deal with the exercise we got chasing down he-whom-i-won't-name-publically


Jay - you'll also have to remind me which night it was that we discovered that our air mattress had been previously "used"

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