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The Game: Another preclue

Here is another clue that we got from their Web site. We had to listen to a bunch of sound clips, identify the movie, and then pull out the clue:


2002 10 19

10a [TOPGUN] Good morning gentlemen the temperature is 110 degress... Holy Shit it's Viper
11 [HAPPY GILMORE] Checkout the nametag, you're in my world now Grandma
12p [IJ: LAST CRUSADE] My boy, we are pilgrams in an unholy land
1 [Star Trek VI] Course setting captain? Second star to the right, and straight on til morning
2 [IN THE LINE OF FIRE] What do you see when you're in the dark and the demons come?
3 [STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE] Your eyes can deceive you, don't trust them
4 [NOTHING TO LOSE] I can't feel my ass... I didn't know an ass could fall asleep, it's all tingly and shit
5 [OFFICE SPACE] I can't believe what a bunch of nerds we are. We're looking up money laundering in a dictionary.
6 [TRON] There's a 68.71% chance you're right
7 [ANIMAL HOUSE] I gotta work on my game. Nah, don't think of it as work, the whole point of it is to just enjoy yourself
8 [PRINCESS BRIDE] Inconceivable!
9 [RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK] Snakes, why did it have to be snakes... very dangerous, you go first.
10 [ENEMY OF THE STATE] Conspiracy theorists of the world unite. Well it's more of a theory. I'm a former conspirer
11 [CLUE] Are you a cop? No, I'm a plant? A plant? I thought men like you were called a fruit

12 a [LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS] feed me now, I'm starving
1 [UNFORGIVEN] well i guess i had it coming. "we all have it coming kid
2 [EVIL DEAD] (weird incantation)
3 [INNER SPACE] when things are at there darkest pal it's a brave man who can kick back and party
4 [THIRTEENTH FLOOR] They say ignorance is bliss. For the first time in my life I agree. I wish I never encountered the awful truth voice
5 [IJ: TEMPLE OF DOOM] I hate the water, I hate being wet, and I hate you
6 [SOUTH PARK] You better get packing bitch
7 [TRUMAN SHOW] "good morning, good afternoon, good evening,
and good night")
8 [INDEPENDENCE DAY] "using one signal to synchronize their efforts.... in 6 hours checkmate"
9 [Matrix] "morpheus!"
10 [EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY] what did you say? oh nothing, I'm on drugs
11 [DIRTY HARRY/THE MASK] (do I feel lucky... well do you punk?)
12 p [ARMAGEDDON] after this is over, can I like get a hug from you or something?
1 [TOY STORY] I don't like confrontations!
2 [ALIENS] Game over man, game over

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