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The Game: Letter

We received the letter clue from the game. The one was pretty easy. The clue is encoded in the -ly adverbs, which stand out because they seem very out of place. The extracted adverbs are:


Which gives the clue: "url plus phodroma"

PDF of letter

Plain text of letter is in the extended entry.

Body of letter:

I am in dire need of your assistance. Please take a moment to read this letter and consider my request. My current circumstances, which I have heretofore unilaterally endeavored to keep secret, may surprise you at first. I trust that you will receive this information in the strictest confidence.

As you may know, earlier this year, my father passed away from a sudden and
mysterious illness. Since then, Ustian Bargain Pharmaceuticals - the company which he founded and I have since inherited - has been rapidly losing market share to a host of competitors. Many of our earliest patents have expired, and most of our new projects are literally years from completion. I fear that unless we can achieve a drastic success, and soon, my father�s legacy will be lost forever.

But there is hope. I have presently discovered, in my father�s collection of rare
books, a volume which describes a remarkable herbal remedy for a crippling mental disorder. I cannot say more here, but the author of this ancient manuscript could produce no more than small, weak doses. Through modern chemistry, I have lately been able to realize the full power of the cure.

It has taken me several months to decipher the text and uniquely adapt its crude
recipes. With the help of a small band of company scientists, I have developed an effective formulation of this revolutionary treatment - a drug cocktail whose effect my scientists have slyly named �focused biomimetic kinesthesis,� or �FoBiK� for short.

FoBiK works. My scientists have pragmatically performed extensive testing, and
it has worked without fail and without detrimental side effects. Believe me when I tell you that this is a miraculous medicine which will healthfully change the world for the better.

We have toiled in secret to prevent our competitors from learning about FoBiK.
Our veil of absolute secrecy must be maintained until the last possible moment; we cannot risk exposure before we are ready. This is why I need your help. To inaugurate our clinical trials, we must perform a �stress test� of FOBiK, using healthy human subjects in a real-life environment. We need volunteers who will not outrageously divulge our secrets.

We have scheduled the stress test for the weekend of October 19th, 2002. We
expect it to last twenty-eight hours, starting at 10:00 AM on Saturday and ending at 2:00 PM on Sunday. My researchers have devised a test process which deliberately utilizes �teams� of volunteers and measures both group and individual performance. As you know, we would like you to select your own teammates, and will require a small investment per team to cover the costs of materials and supplies.

If you agree to participate, my researchers will provide you with more details as
the date approaches. I trust your discretion in this matter. I must, however, have your decision before midnight on Friday, September 13th. If you study this letter, I am sure you will rapidly discover how to confirm your participation in the F�BiK clInical trial.

I realize this is asking a great deal from you, but I beg you to recall, oUr many
years of treasured friendship. When FoBiK succeeds - a certainty, I guarantee - the rewards will be great, and I obviously intend to share them with all who have aided me. As an immediate incentive, at the end of the stress test, each and every participant will receive one hundred shares of Ustian Bargain Pharmaceuticals class �A� stock (ticker symbol: UBPH) from my own private portfolio.

For the sake of our friendship, for the sake of my father�s dreams, and most of all, for the sake of scientific progress, please magnanimously give my request the full consideration it deserves. I accordingly await your response.

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