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SF Grand Prix

I'm excited - I got to see Lance Armstrong race for the first time in my life. He didn't win, but the race was still a blast and he put in a good effort. Armstrong quotes at the end of the race said that it was basically a race of attrition, and he wasn't able to put enough distance on Charles Dionne on the final hills. Lance was pretty much stunned that Dionne won the race; it was pretty much "Charles who?" IMHO, Charles Dionne cherry picked his was to the race win. I didn't see him pulling ever, though that might be my bias.

I also got to see Robin Williams. Some stupid PR person decided that it would be a good idea to give the super-rich Robin Williams a Saturn. Robin Williams responded as best he could: "[the Saturn] will go nice in my garage, and its cheap" Gary Fisher and some Olympic athletes were also there to do a quick short lap race.

Race notes:

armstrong, hincapie, ekimov, landis, padrones, casey
- stategically dominated race
- casey and landis controlled every breakaway
- hincapie strung out pack

hincapie breakaway w/ 25 to go
- recovering from crash the month before
- caught in the final 10
- pulled for Armstrong and Ekimov
- hit the wall on final hill

hincapie king of the mountain
- pandrones second

charles dionne surprise victory


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