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September 27, 2002

Five year anniversary of Mars Pathfinder
- first signal only 3 mins after touchdown
- bounced 16 times on landing, landed on base petal

Kazaa, Morpheus, Limewire stealing link commissions for online purchases
- Amazon has cut-off payments to Morpheus

Study shows that Lorenzo's Oil works
- functions by breaking down fatty acids that are associated with the genetic disorder
- adrenoleukodystrophy causes victims to lose ability to move, hear, speake, and eventually breathe

Plants and animals can 'bottle up' evolution

Final Fantasy XI will require GeForce 4 for some features

500 arrests in DC for IMF protests

New (old) Nirvana song finally released
- "You know you're right" completes RC5-64
- running since 1997
- longest running of projects

XP to get Bluetooth
- Gartner expects 560 million Bluetooth-enabled devices by 2005

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