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Book: Snowcrash - Metaverse

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I separated the notes for this book into several sections. The level of detail that Stephenson put into describing the Snowcrash world is so amazing that I felt like outlining it. This section of notes describes the Metaverse.



Giant black globe
- larger than the Earth

- 65,536 km round (2^16)

- 10,000 km radius

- "the Champ Elysees of the Metaverse"
- grand boulevard
- equator of the Metaverse

- most heavily developed area
- a dozen Manhattens

- written later

~120 million walk the streets

Global Multimedia Protocol Group
- part of ACM
- approve/license Metaverse developments

Streets laid out by ACM's Global Multimedia Protocol Group
- free combat zones
- purchase development licenses

- constructs approved by GMPG

256 Express Ports

- 256 km intervals

- materialization area

- Port Zero

- 256 local ports between each express port

- 1 km intervals

- Only allowed to have 1 Avatar at a time

- Brandy: standard Walmart avatar
- Clint: standard Walmart avatar

- resolution/appearance dependent on computation/access speed and $$$/hacking

- black and white xerox-style for public access terminals

- Avatar Construction Set for more sophisticated

Collision models:
- In Metaverse, no collision model, pass through each other
- In Black Sun, collision model

Graveyard daemons
- collect "dead" avatars
- put parts into body bags, carry into underground tunnels
- burn Avatar in The Pyre

Black Sun
- squat black pyramid with top cut off

- matte black

- exclusive access list, groupies outside trying to get in

- written by Hiro, Da5id, Juanita, and others

- Black Sun System Inc

Rule of 2's
- 4 quadrants

- center region 16m diameter

- 64 barstools

4 quadrants
- Hacker Quadrant
- Rock Star Quadrant
- Movie Star Quadrant

- Nipponese Quadrant

- Hiro's hack for info display

Black Sun daemons
- serve drinks
- bounce


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