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Book: Snowcrash - World

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Second set of notes for Snowcrash. This set describes the "real world" portion of Stephenson's novel.

- contact pads
- bimbo box
- burb beater

- privatized
- Fairlanes, Inc.
- Rte CSV-5
- Type A driver, get there fast
- Cruiseways, Inc.
- Rte. Cal-12
- Type B driver, enjoyment of ride

- based on english
- not comprehensible

- 777
- Sukhoi/Kawasaki Hypersonic Transport

- RadiKS Mark IV smartwheels: sprockets (hub w/ spokes), adjust to terrain, sonar, laser rangefinding, millimeter-wave radar

Police System

MetaCops Unlimited
- credit card readers in cards for bribes
- enforce at:
- Fairlanes roads
- White Columns

WorldBeat Security
- Main competitor of MetaCops
- smaller, more upscale
- enforce at: Cruiseways

- super-cops

- Personal Modular Equipment Harness
- Loogie Gun: Short-Range Chemical Restraint Projector

- The Clink
- The Hoosegow: "Premium incarcerationand restraint services"

- Judge Bob's Judicial System

Virtual guard dogs
- Ng Security Systems Semi-Autonomous Guard Unit #A-367

Ng Security Systems Semi-Autonomous Guard Unit #A-367
- lives in virtual Metaverse space with porterhouses on trees
- networked with other units
- Rat Thing
- have to keep moving in order to stay cool
- nuclear-powered
- contain biological components

Yanoama tribespersons


FOQNE: Franchise-Owned Quasi-National Entities

Gila Highlands

Farms of Merryvale

TMAWH: The Mews at Windsor Heights Development Corporation
- All identical
- ergonomically designed for driving safety
- 1 yard in every burbclave that separates entrace/exit shortcut
- Fire hydrants
- designed by computer
- three connectors
- robot-polished every thursday morning

Oakwood Estates

White Columns
- Apartheid burbclave
- white people only

Metazania and New South Africa
- breeding ground for security forces

Nova Sicilia

- people scared to even drive by

Mr. Lee's Greater Hong Kong
- grandaddy of all FOQNEs
- robotic security forces
- Hiro a citizen

Blooming Greens
- Y.T. a citizen

The Heights at Bear Run

Cinnamon Grove

The Farms of Cloverdelle

Shenzen Special Economic Zone

Central Intelligence Corporation
- Langley, VA
- Library: "The Library." Library of Congress
- Library and CIC merged when government was falling apart. IPO.
- Millions of stringers
- 99% of information never gets used
- Earth software: user interface for accessing spatial information
- Librarian software: expensive. Fast access to library's contents

- Gather information for CIC
- gossip, videotape, audiotape, joke, fragement of computer disk
- Upload information to the Library
- Paid whenever information is downloaded

- deliver pizza in 30 minutes, or Uncle Enzo will personally apologize
- smart chips in pizza boxes
- red led time readout
- CosaNostra Pizza University

- skateboard messenger
- pooning. Superconducting poons for the most serious burbclave surfer. Normal poons stick only to steel
- stickering: e.g. "THAT WAS STALE," "SMOOTH MOVE, EX-LAX." Take hours to remove
- RadiKS: Radikal Kourier Systems

- Uncle Enzo
- Mafia
- "You have a friend in the family!"
- no competition
- work hard not b/c of competition, but b/c everything is on the line
- CosaNostra #3569. Southern California, Valley. Abkahzian immigrants

Hiro's computer
- featureless black wedge
- small black tube for fiber optic
- fisheye lens
- red, green, blue lasers. Sweep across Hiro's goggles to produce 3-D images (2k resolution per eye)

- like baseball cards
- virtual
- represent transfer of data in Metaverse

- split into: General Jim's Defense System and Admiral Bob's National Security

- glow from neon signs

- CosaNostra
- Buy n' Fly
- Reverend Wayne's Pearly Gates
- Radikal Kourier Systems
- U-Stor-It. Rumored that padlocked units contain abandoned chemical waste stored by entrepreneurs

- Huge amount of data
- Preloaded with videos of L. Bob Rife
- Came with Earth and Librarian software

- Semitic
- "Gate of God"
- Bab, "gate"
- El, "god"
- possibly a biblical/onomatopoeia pun

- freelance hacking being replace with corporation-backed hacking
- Nipponese video game companies


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