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December Etc... Updates

December 20, 2002

Lott stepping down (finally)
- Frist likely successor
- apologies, BET interview, didn't stop criticism

RNA interference Science Magazine's Breakthrough of the Year
- 'retro': could have been done 15 years ago but largely ignored
- possibilities for cancer treatment

December 18, 2002

NASA repairs Galileo from a distance
- revived recorder by repairing radiation damage
- annealed diodes by running current through them
- recoverying important data before shutdown in January 2003

ElcomSoft not guilty
- jury found that while program was illegal, intent was not criminal
- jury found DMCA confusing

December 12, 2002

Cardinal Law resigns (finally)

Kissinger steps down from 9/11 panel
- cites conflict of interest with private industry clients

'Nemesis' opens to terrible reviews

Everyone raving over Lebron James
- first televised high school game on ESPN2 in over a decade

December 10, 2002

Cardinal Law visting the Vatican
- discussing possibility of Chapter 11

December 9, 2002

Snow to take O'Neill's spot at Treasury

Mars theories being challenged
- Theory 1: Water abundant on Mars, but has mostly remained frozen
- Theory 2: 'Rivers' caused by wake of meteorites pounding surface

Lewis going to Michigan State
- 99% certain

Oil strike continues in Venezuala
- aimed at ousting President Hugo Chavez

December 6, 2002

Paul O'Neill, treasury sec, forced to resign
- Economic adviser Lindsey forced to resign as well

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