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January News Roundup

January 4, 2003

Boring playoff games
- Jets beat Colts 41-0
- Falcons easily beat Packers at Lambeau, first ever playoff loss at Lambeau for Favre

January 5, 2003

49ers comeback over the Giants, 39-38
- 24-points behind in 3rd quarter, 38-14
- 1 minute left when Tai Streets scored
- 2 two-point conversions with Terrell Owens
- 25 unanswered points
- biggest in NFC playoff history

Steelers overcome 17-point deficit to beat Browns
- 0:58 left when Steelers scored
- Browns last chance ended with time running out and receiver diving out of bounds

January 7, 2003

Playstation 3 to use Rambus interconnect technology
- chip-to-chip and chip-to-ram

Jon Johansen acquitted on all counts by Norwegian court
- not illegal to crack personal property

Daschle not running for president, yeah

Raelians clone baby is a hoax, duh

January 8, 2003

There, Inc. launches
- wannabe Metaverse

January 10, 2003

North Korea quits nuclear non-proliferation treaty
- practical effect would be to remove nuclear programs from UN monitoring
- Bush: US has no intention of invading North Korea

January 11, 2003

Titans barely advance against Steelers, 34-31
- Nedney's 3 tries at kicking final field goal
- time out
- miss with penalty
- good
- game close throughout

Eagles easily beat Falcons

January 12, 2003

Big Dig to finally open
- I-90 tunnel section connecting to Ted Wiliams tunnel

Case to resign position at AOL
- will still be part of AOL in director role

Football get together at 1010
- Carl and Frank
- 49ers crushed by Bucs
- Oakland crushes Jets

January 14, 2003

Anthrax possibly back in DC post office

January 15, 2003

Extended copyrights upheld by Supreme Court
- even though possibly unwise, Congress has authority

Microsoft starts Government Security Plan
- lets governments see 97% of Windows code
- remaining 3% has to be seen in Redmond

Mariucci let go from 49ers

January 16, 2003

Weapons inspectors find empty chemical warheads in Iraq
- war in a couple weeks?

Plague scare: scientist accidentally broke vials, reported them missing

January 22, 2003

Germany joins France as countries that won't support war resolution

Verizon has to give up identity of file sharer to RIAA


Ford demos recyclable car

January 25, 2003

MS SQL Worm DDos-ing net
- 5 of 13 root servers down

January 28, 2003

State of the Union address
- Iraq, Iraq, Iraq
- $6B for "bio-shield"
- $10B to fight AIDS in Africa

Afghanistan battle
- biggest battle for US forces in a year

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