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20,000 Bytes Under The Sea
Poster & Abstract
Emory Kristof
National Geographic Society

This was a really nice talk IMHO. The guy's been with National Geographic forever and throughout his career has had to build leading-edge photography rigs to expand National Geographic's photographic reach beneath the sea. Some of his work also helped inspire Titanic the movie. His more recent work has been with high-definition capture, and the pictures he showed were amazing (especially compared to non-high definition versions of the same stuff).

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- National Geographic undersea photographer
- Titanic IMAX work was basis for James Cameron's Titanic film
- Worked with Bob Ballard
- Titanic rig cost $500K just for lighting
- Interspecies homosexual octopi
- Translucent mollusk with orange, pollen-ball-like center
- Octopod
- Hot water vents
   - Working on IMAX film of life around hot water vents
   - Prior to mid 1970s, scientists believed that all life followed the photosynthesis food chain, and that life at the bottom of the sea fed on dead fish that sank. Discovery of hot water vents demonstrated that half of the world's biomass was actually mineral-based.

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