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wombat arranged a nice trip up to Tahoe. We stayed at a Pioneer Trail house with a hottub. The first day of snowboarding was rather surreal on the account of the Columbia explosion. The first thought I had when I woke up and saw the smoke trails was "Oh no! Not again!" though I can't really be sure whether I was thinking about the Challenger or terrorist attacks, or both. When I was on the slopes I ran into a guy who said he ran into people that had seen Columbia overhead when it passed over California and said that they saw it sparking. I wasn't sure whether or not I believed the second-hand information, but it could well be true.

It snowed during the latter part of the first day and I was able to make a couple of jumps in the terrain park, though I was over-rotating my landings in the half pipe. meta stayed on the sidelines on the account of her faulty ankles and icy conditions. The trip back sucked because Amanda's fuse box decided to start having a hissy-fit. We ended up driving back from Kirkwood with me periodically wiping the newly formed ice layer from the inside of the windshield. Man that hottub was a good idea.

On the second day we only spent a half day at Kirkwood. meta's right ankles was still acting up.

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