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Vegas Baby pt. 2

We walked up and down the Vegas strip today. My gambling was in the black today :
- Won $40 on craps at the Venetian
- Lost $20 on blackjack at the MGM Grand
- Won $34 on craps at the Monte Carlo

We saw the tiger at the Mirage and also went to the Guggenheim Hermitage exhibit at Venetian (Van Gogh, Mondrian, Kooning, Reubens). Unfortunately they had just closed the BMW motorcycle exhibit.

Dinner was at Delmonico (at the Venetian), which was an all-around excellent experience. I think that we were probably there for several hours, as it started off as just a couple of drinks at the bar, then latte, then Foie Gras with carmelized banana and smoked apple bacon, then amazing beef tournedos, and finishing up with a chocolate souffle and vintage port. Mmmmmm.... Gonna have to eat there again.

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