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League RoX0r draft

Transcript below...

Round 1
Oskers: A-Rod
Medford: Vlad Guerr
*Me: Randy Johnson
21 Angry: Curt Shilling
Flapjacks: Berkman
Master Locks: Soriano
Redeem: Giambi
Ninjas: Bonds
Downward Spiral: Pedro
Open Bar: Sosa
Great Yoen: Zito

Round 2
Great Yoen: Jeter
Open Bar: Lowe
Downward Spiral: Ordonez
Ninjas: Beltran
Redeem: Oswalt
Master Locks: Pujols
Flapjacks: Tejada
21 Angry: Gagne
*Me: Pizza
Medford: Mulder
Oskers: Posada

Round 3
Oskers: Manny
Medford: Nomar
Me: Mussina
21 Angry: Kent
Flapjacks: Ichiro
Master Locks: Green
Redeem: Abreu
Ninjas: Helton
Downward Spiral: Chavez
Open Bar: Bret Boone
Great Yoen: Hudson

Round 4
Great Yoen: Thome
Open Bar: Nen
Downward Spiral: Maddux
Ninjas: Colon
Redeem: Percival
Master Locks: Buerhle
Flapjacks: Jones
21 Angry: Glaus
Me: Aaron Boone
Medford: Rolen
Oskers: Smoltz

Round 5
Oskers: Olerud
Medford: Wood
*Me: Halladay
21 Angry: Bagwell
Flapjacks: Glavine
Master Locks: Wagner
Redeem: Eckstein
Ninjas: Morris
Downward Spiral: Palmeiro
Open Bar: Delgado
Great Yoen: Bernie Williams

Round 6
Great Yoen: Pudge
Open Bar: Giles
Downward Spiral: L Gonzales
Ninjas: Sasaki
Redeem: Anderson
Master Locks: Koch
Flapjacks: Lo Duca
21 Angry: Hunter
Me: Isringhausen
Medford: Klesko
Oskers: Washburn

Round 7
Oskers: Clemens
Medford: Benitez
*Me: Nevin
21 Angry: Floyd
Flapjacks: Vidro
Master Locks: Konerko
Redeem: Durham
Ninjas: Millwood
Downward Spiral: Hoffman
Open Bar: Moyer
Great Yoen: Rivera

Round 8
Great Yoen: Sheffield
Open Bar: Guardado
Downward Spiral: Rentiera
Ninjas: Rollins
Redeem: Jason Schmidt
Master Locks:
Flapjacks: Jose Mesa
21 Angry: Nomo
*Me: Walker
Medford: Cameron
Oskers: Erstad

Round 9
Oskers: Vina
Medford: Biggio
*Me: Castillo
21 Angry: Aurilia
Flapjacks: Urbina
Master Locks: Damon
Redeem: Lowell
Ninjas: Hillenbrand
Downward Spiral: Gonzalez
Open Bar: Womack
Great Yoen: Leiter

Round 10
Great Yoen: Alomar
Open Bar: Beltre
Downward Spiral: Wells
Ninjas: Mike Williams
Redeem: Burrell
Master Locks: Miller
Flapjacks: Perez
21 Angry: Edmonds
*Me: Sweeny
Medford: Griffey
Oskers: Zeile

Round 11
Oskers: Pettitte
Medford: Kendall
*Me: Jacque Jones (Andruw Jones)
21 Angry: Matsui
Flapjacks: Batista
Master Locks: Pierzynski
Redeem: AJ Burnett
Ninjas: Bellhorn
Downward Spiral: Jimenez
Open Bar: Santiago
Great Yoen: Alfonzo

Round 12
Great Yoen: Wilson
Open Bar: Wakefield
Downward Spiral: Spivey
Ninjas: Finley
Redeem: Graves
Master Locks: Winn
Flapjacks: Wolf
21 Angry: Byung Kim
*Me: Andruw Jones
Medford: Julio
Oskers: Escobar

Round 13:
Oskers: Dye
Medford: Sabathia
*Me: Padilla
21 Angry: Clement
Flapjacks: Sexson
Master Locks: Prior
Redeem: Marrero
Ninjas: Foulke
Downward Spiral: Vaughan
Open Bar: Ortiz
Great Yoen: Alou

Round 14
Great Yoen: Furcal
Open Bar:
Downward Spiral: Lieberthal
Ninjas: Vazquez
Redeem: Dotel
Master Locks: Vizquel
Flapjacks: Byrd
21 Angry: Varitek
*Me: Santana
Medford: Drew
Oskers: Appier

Round 15
Oskers: Burkett
Medford: Lopez
*Me: Salmon
21 Angry: Pineiro
Flapjacks: Reed
Master Locks: Pierre
Redeem: Ortiz
Ninjas: Encarnacion
Downward Spiral: Reuter
Open Bar: Sanders
Great Yoen: De Jean

Round 16
Great Yoen: Weaver
Open Bar: Nixon
Downward Spiral: Nunez
Ninjas: Lee
Redeem: Mondesi
Master Locks: Stewart
Flapjacks: Daal
21 Angry: Williams
*Me: Koskie
Medford: Radke
Oskers: Ventura

Round 17
Oskers: Valentin
Medford: Park
*Me: Hernandez
21 Angry: Hinske
Flapjacks: Stewart
Master Locks: Lawrence
Downward Spiral:
Open Bar:
Great Yoen:

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