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Movie: Legend of Suriyothai

I saw The Legend of Suriyothai at the Castro theater with Amanda, Adam, Josh, and Gesara. Among the notable attendees were the director/prince, Peter Coyote (identified by Gesara, the rest of us had no idea who he was), and Danny Glover (only seen by Adam). The movie seemed good, but it was clear that it was hastily cut to shorten it (though it was still a very long movie). There are many, many scenes and many characters that have to be followed over a long time frame, and to add even more confusion to situation, the actress that plays the young Suryiothai also plays Suryiothai's daughter later in the film.

After the movie we visited the Odeon Bar where we got to experience "It's Christian Karaoke night here at the Odeon." We didn't stay for the whole show.

As the movie was very hard to follow, I've tried to transcribe an outline below that will (hopefully) remember what happened.

Legend of Suryiothai/Suriyothai

- The Movie
- 16th century Thailand/Siam
- Suryiothai wants Lord Piren, but politics force her to marry Prince Tien
- King dies, Second King ascends to throne
- Second King takes High Consort, produces heir, then dies of smallpox
- makes Prince Tien and Prince Chai Prom promise to allow baby heir to ascend throne
- kingdom goes into chaos as greedy family of consort corrupts and weakens land
- Chao Prom overthrows young heir, has him executed
- Chao Prom takes Srisudachan as high consort, produces heirs
- Srisudachan falls for brahmin Lord Worawongsa
- gets pregnant by Worawongsa while Chao Prom off fighting Burmese
- Chao Prom gets shot by Burmese, weakened
- Srisudachan poisons him when he gets back, Prince Tien blamed
- Tien becomes a monk for protection
- Worawongsa becomes king, rest of heirs poisoned
- Suryiothai sends for Piren to help overthrow Srisudachan and Worawongsa
- Tien rises to throne
- Piren gets Suryiothai's daughter, who is played by same actress as the young Suryiothai.
- King Hongsa of Burma begins invading northern kingdom
- Piren fights to protect camp
- Siriyothai convinces King Tien that royal army needs to fight as well
- Siriyothai (on elephant-back) "saves" King Tien, then gets killed
- Siamese army rallies, repels Burmese
- Impressions
- Asian fascination with earnestness in act, rather than effectiveness or wisdom. Siriyothai's act ill-advised, but her belief in her act and sacrifice is honored.
- Hongsa done up in flaming makeup, bad female bodyguard for Srisudachan possesses lesbian tendencies, Worawongsa white. Odd traits for bad characters.
- Burmese elephants had better war paint.

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hey i would like to know what you guys think about the movie suriyothai. email me at thanx


do you know when it's going to be release on tape or dvd and how is it??

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