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Finally got Movable Type up and running on I need to get ImageMagick installed, but otherwise all is well. I'll have to figure out what I want to do with this site. More importantly, I have a bunch of content that I would like to import, but I have to figure out how to blog retroactively, i.e. I would have one of the few blogs on the Web that would be running backwards in time. Anyways, it's late, and this is enough for now.

For those of you interested in this setup, here's what it is:
- Apache 2.x
- Movable Type 2.62 (had to modify all of the .cgi scripts to not point at /usr/bin/perl)
- ActiveState Perl
- DB File module for Berkeley DB

Movable Type doesn't have the simplest installer, but its not too hard to fix everything up.

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