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Random Googling

I was googling today to find friend's web sites. I didn't find any, but that doesn't mean that Google didn't give me some good stuff.

First off, here's an article that I found that mentions a contest I was in with Russ and Hogue my freshman year: tech article. I ended up paying an extra hundred bucks so I could fly back from my vacation to compete in the follow-up contest, but I was so tired that I overslept and everyone left without me.

Speaking of Hogue, type in "Andrew Hogue" into Google's address bar or your Pheonix address bar. Here's the link in case it ever gets lost:

Finally, google pulled this up for me: south boston online article. The article itself isn't the most funny of the related material, but it's the only I can find online. Some other great (related) things I've seen around Boston:
- "The Beating up of Conley" (editorial piece in the Globe about Officer Kenneth Conley)
- "Free Ken Conley" (bumper stickers witnessed in Boston)


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