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I Hate Microsoft I and II

I: This bug cost me half an entire afternoon: 318003 - BUG: Visual Studio .NET Setup Fails on AddShareAndPermissions Custom Action. Apparently, you have to setup a fake wwwroot in order to install Visual Studio, a programming environment. Whaaa? I'm sure in 2004 it will complain that my Windows Media Player isn't up-to-date when I try to install C#.

II: The other half of my afternoon was wasted by bad dependency verification in the Visual Studio .NET installer. After I did a Windows Update on the .NET framework (which came with the installer), it finally started working (5 reboots and 2 hours later). I'm not even sure the two were related.

(I) update: My problems with (I) are not over. Among the suggestions I now have to try: (i) copy the entire DVD to my hard drive and try the installation, (ii) create yet another folder on my computer with appropriate permissions and (iii) update my DVD-ROM firmware and disable DMA.

(I) update 2: Finally, I have it installed. Apparently you need to copy all of the files off the DVD into a directory named "mssucks."


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