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Backposting in progress

I'm slowly updating my blog with past journal entries that I have lying around on 4 separate computers. It's a slow process. I'll first be posting a lot of "Etc..." news entries, as those are the quickest to transcribe. The Etc... entries are important to me as I like to have the juxtaposition of world events against other entries.

Hopefully, as I get further along I'll be posting more interesting links/entries. One thing that is slowing me down is copyright issues - i.e. I have cached copies of some interesting articles, but I have to track down a current valid link if I'm going to post it. Some of them (i.e. comics) are not likely to make an appearance unfortunately, as most comics don't maintain long archives. The hardest entries to post will be ones that only exist on paper, and those will most likely be last.

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