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We just had a forum on beer-making with a beer tasting afterwards, now how cool is that?

Beer: From Grain Brain To Glass
Presented by: Peter Bouckaert
New Belgium Brewing, Co.

Marketing types in the world of brewing like to say their beers are "steeped in tradition," but does this not ignore hundreds of years of experience and innovation?

In an entertainment industry where 10 minutes of pleasure is our product, working artfully towards a new creation is key. Starting from the glass and going over everything from grain to brain, some challenges of the new ingredients (i.e., experience, knowledge and creativity) will be fermented. A beer seminar addressing E = mc2, child development and Jackson Pollock awaits you!

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Beer is only entertainment: you get 10 minutes, and that is all. Bouckaert walked us through the 10 minutes, from noticing the smell of the beer, the taste, the color, and the bottle. He emphasized the importance of the glass, and suggested experimenting with different glasses to see the effect on smell (he trashed pint glasses).

Nearly a third of their product is for testing, which is more related to them being craft brewers. He usually gets three tries to get the taste of a new product right, and from there the production is ramped up very quickly (3-4 months).

His analogies to E=mc2 and Pollock were brief. With E=mc2 he was pointing out that someone would eventually have come up with it, and the technological advantage with it would be temporary, much like in brewing. With Pollock, I was somewhat unclear on the exact point he was trying to make. On one side, I imagine he was trying to hint at the lack of constraints Pollock had. Bouckaert emphasized that it was important to be use creativity to question "traditions" and try and create something unconventional. Also, with Pollock, he pointed out how the critics were forced to have to come up with a story about Pollock's style.

Bouckaert felt that stories were important in the marketing of beer, even if they were in reality flimsy. For example, with their 1554 beer, they scoured old texts to look for references to Black ales in Brussels. They eventually found an old text with a recipe in it, but the recipe was useless because they had no way to interepret the units. However, because they found the text they could market their product as "Brussels style"

Beer tasting:
Loft: a light, bitter beer. Very refreshing to my taste buds at least.
La Folie: I've never really tasted a beer like this before. First, the packaging, which basically is a champagne bottle that is individually numbered by hand. Second, the smell, which is like a beer-y champagne. Third, the taste, which is a like beer mixed with one of those sour lemon candies. The sour-ness really lingered and wasn't something that I personally would be able to deal with for an entire bottle. This beer really elicited polar responses. The beer is even wood aged and is only available from the brewery itself.


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