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About this Site

Why am I doing this?

I first started this site b/c I wanted to play with blogging as an interesting up-and-coming technology. The development model behind it is interesting and has produced some powerful examples of publishing. I even did a beginner's presentation on blogging to outline some of the technology and uses.

My secondary motivation for running this site is that I have been collecting little Web snippets for the better part of two years on four different computers, which was very painful to maintain (I had no central index of this content). All of this content was time-indexed, and very little of it was personal, so I felt that blogging would be an easy way to (a) collect these snippets from any computer I was using, (b) automatically time-index this information for me, (c) provide an interesting and useful presentation of this content, and (d) make this content easy to search.

Is this a weblog/journal/etc?

The content on this site is currently about 50% weblog, 20% note-taking (e.g. book notes, research paper notes), 10% photolog, and 20% journal, though I have tried to keep personal stuff out of the journal, i.e. I hope to be more of a novice micro-reporter than diarist.

How long have I been doing this?

May 7, 2003 was my First Post

Why are there entries before May 7, 2003

I have been slowly backposting a lot of the snippets I have been collecting for the past two years. Also, I have been posting old content from my e-mail archives and written notes. As soon as I figure out a good system, I plan to indicate when an interesting entry has been added to the past archives.

What are all these Etc... posts?

I like to have the juxtaposition of world events against my other posts. With the newer posts I have been including links, but with older entries I haven't bothered as news sites tend to move content to pay-per-view areas after a couple weeks.

Technology credits

Blogging software: MovableType

Blogging plugins:
- Macros (lets you write macros for your entries)
- MTAmazon (lets you run Amazon queries)
- BookQueue (manages my reading list in the sidepanel)
- IfEmpty (helps manage optional display of HTML)
- TopicIcon (displays category icons)

Other: Nice titles (code for displaying nice link mouseovers with descriptions)

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