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Macro test

I've just installed Brad Choate's IfEmpty and Macros plugins, as well as MTAmazon (BTW: you can get your developer token here). In the extended entry I describe/test a couple of these out.

Amazon Macro
Example: <amazon isbn="0399149864">pattern recognition</amazon>

Output: inserts a right-aligned image of the book with the specified isbn number, along with a link to amazon.

pattern recognition (note: I have disabled this macro, as it is too cumbersome)

IMDB Macro Test
Description: for my movie links, I wanted an easy way to get the IMDB link.
Future: figure out how to auto-generate the imdb image URL as well (needs the movie ID).

Example: <imdb>finding nemo</imdb>

Output: inserts a link to the specified imdb resource (e.g. movie, actor, etc...)
finding nemo

Photo Macro Test

Example: <photo>image.jpg</photo>

Output: prepends the image base url, wraps it in an img tag, and adds in common attributes for my image export (height/width/alt).


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