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I read an interesting interview with the Chairman of Sony, Nobuyuki Idei. The interview is three months old, but sound bites are interesting. March 2003 interview with Idei (Sony Chairman). Among the more interesting points: * The Sony-Ericcson joint venture: "They don't care about the mobile phone business, they care about the base-station business," and also "Sony made the joint venture with Ericsson because we want to be covered by their IP patent umbrella" * Frustration at the Sony Music division * Platform strategy: (1) continue promotion of Microsoft's long-term PC roadmap, and (2) Common Linux-based platform for PlayStation, home server, and TV (joint venture with Panasonic and Philips) * On Apple: "Although [Steve Jobs] is a genius, he doesn't share everything with you. This is a difficult person to work with if you are a big company. We started working with them, but it is a nightmare. We have the exact type of guy like Steve within Sony. His name is Ken Kutaragi"

Also I found a two-month-old post on Joi Ito's blog where there were some brief notes on a discussion with Ando. Joi posted an interesting quote from Steve Levy:

He startled everyone by speculating that in the long term, given the nature of Internet copying, record labels may not have a future. "When you have a problem like this," he says, sighing, "I really wish we were a simple hardware company.


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