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Entry 300

Ladies and Gentleman, Entry 300!!! *applause*

I had a tough time choosing the appropriate posting for my three readers, and hell, you each have hundred entries each you can read so what does one more matter, but I ended up choosing this little ditty from my Stanford application. I don't remember the question, but I know this is what I wrote (Amanda, any ideas as to what they were asking?):

There's something I have to get off my chest. I'm pretty ashamed of it. I don't like seafood. In fact, I hate it. So, what's so strange about that? Well, my mother's Japanese. In fact, I was born in Japan, spent 7 years living there, have studied Japanese for five years, am president of the Japanese National Honor Society, am a member of Asian Awareness, and have won two second place trophies in the Japan Bowl . Yet, for all my attempts to connect with part of my heritage I am resigned to the fact that I will never, never, be able to enjoy dinner at my grandmother's house in Japan.

The mere fact that I wrote this for a college application made it worthy of posting. Notice the thinly veiled attempt to fit in every Asian-related club/accomplishment I had in high school. Note the hapa tension, the Asian guilt, the academic hubris. I'm quite proud of myself, and also sick at the same time.

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I wouldn't tell them what I was on the application because I was all paranoid that they already had too many Asian kids and it would be harder for me to get in. Somehow all the Asian American Student Association busted me anyway (maybe the look at the pictures or something) and I started getting newsletters entitled "CommunicAsians". ugh.

I being as white as white can be also neglected to mention anything to do with race on my collage apps.

But then again the only clubs for white pride involve burning crosses and white hoods. Not exactly collage application material. Well, maybe in La, Tx, or Ga, but not in most of the country.

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