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I think it's time to update metamanda's Googlism entry. I was testing out Technorati's new text search feature that Dave Sifry released today. One of the things it turned up is that Metamanda is not alone:

nobody asked, but...'s a better way to feel
don't be real, be postmodern...

i want to *be* postmodern. i'd never have to feel anything again. i'd be a caricature of a caricature of myself. i'd be metamanda. i'd be the big red painting at the art institute. i'd be hypertext...

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NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I was there first.


Better hurry, her postmodernism is quickly rewriting your shared Googlism:

Metamanda is postmodern
Metamanda is a caricature of a caricature of Amanda
Metamanda is a big red painting at the art institute
Metamanda is hypertext

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