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Eric Meyer really has some sweet CSS stuff. I had already admired his css/edge site, and today I found a link to his Dave Shea's CSS Zen Garden.

My favorites:
- Meliorism
- Boddhidarma
- What Lies Beneath (like the appearance, don't like the side scroll)
- arch4.20

Also, mezzoblue is the best looking blog I've ever seen.

Update: Eric Meyer kindly pointed out that CSS Zen Garden is Dave Shea's work (sorry for the improper attribution - both of you have great sites!).


Listed below are links to weblogs that reference CSS Zen:

» CSS Zen from Metamanda's Weblog
This is from goonley's blog. I checked out the links, so should you. Mostly this is a reminder to myself to explore this stuff more thoroughly as soon as I get the time. kwc blog: CSS Zen Of course, saying... [Read More]

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Actually, the Zen Garden is not my work. Dave Shea (of mezzoblue) is the one who created the page and several of the themes, and other people have contributed their own designs.

css/edge, on the other hand, is my work. Glad you like it!


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