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Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean

movie posterI second Amanda's review of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. You'd think a movie that's (a) a Disney movie, and (b) named after a ride at Disneyland would have a lot of strikes against it, but Holes shows that Disney can get a non-animated flick right even in this day and age, and The Haunted Mansion will probably have more than it's share of badness to spread around.

Johnny Depp's drunken pirate performance single-handedly made this movie worth watching, and there are enough tweaks in the plot to keep it fun instead of predictable. The other actors turned in good performances, but their characters lacked the originality and flair of Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow.

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This movie was great! It had a little something for everyone, and was extremly exciting. The acting was great, and the story wasn't predictable. The costumes, and props, were authentic to the times. I'd reccomend that people go see this film. I know I'm going again!


This movie was good, AND, I finally saw some really dazzling pirate costumes. I loved them, and will soon start some nice drawings concerning them... and of course, the drunken pirate act is always great. The scene on the island was great. *chuckles*


Please feel free to post a link here to your drawings when you finish!

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