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Dean's Posting Begins

Howard Dean has already proven himself Internet-savvy and has used it to effect. He was the first candidate I know of who seized upon meetups to organize local gatherings (his meetup group is currently 10x larger than other candidates). His campaign staff has also been maintaining a blog with information from the campaign front.

Much of his early fundraising has been attributed to his Net presence, which has given an inexpensive and effective pulpit. He was the first to raise $1M via the Internet, which dollar-for-dollar is more effective than direct mailing, which carries an 80% overhead (according to this blog entry).

So why am I posting all this info? Well, in general, I'm interested in seeing blogging carrying weight in the mainstream. More recently, though, after a long drumroll, Howard Dean has finally made good on his guestblogging spot and has posted hist first entry to Lawrence Lessig's blog.

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