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- North Korea reprocessing fuel rods: - North Korean nuclear claims 'serious,' U.S. official says - Jul. 15, 2003
- Foundation formed. I don't know if this means this is a validation of AOL's support of open source Mozilla, or if AOL is giving $2M to go hang itself (Mozilla Foundation Announcement)
- One minor reason why the iMac is more popular than the Vaio W: Sony unveils bigger, badder Vaio W, but there isn't a single mention of it on Sonystyle. In fact, there isn't even a picture of it on the front page of the "Computers and Peripherals" section.
- Wired on Softbank's newest money sinkhole: gigabit Ethernet for the masses
- With Inktomi already crawling all over my site (they seem to use dozens of crawlers, as opposed to Google's three that crawl this site), BBC NEWS | Yahoo pays $1.6bn to add Overture to its arsenal

Update: AOL/Netscape question kinda answered. Yes, AOL is giving Mozilla $2M to go hang itself, but either 10% or all of the Netscape employees have been laid off by AOL.

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