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Comic-Con: Bendis, Oeming, Mack

The Image booth was one of the first booth's I visited. Bendis, Oeming and Mack were all there. Bendis did a really funny drawing for pqbon, and honeyfields managed to talk to Oeming for so long (~30min+) that he broke out the brush and did a really cool Batman for her (I believe her request was for something "bad ass").

I didn't get a chance to talk to Mack until much later in the convention. We briefly chatted about his Alias covers (which I really like), and he ended up handing me a generous stack of his Kabuki works for free. I'm looking forward to reading the Kabuki works, because with the Alias covers at least, I've found his artwork to be a good transition from real world into the story itself. Also, unlike most comic books that feel like they take place in complete fantasy, his mixed media style makes you feel like you're in a slightly altered universe, only different enough to allow a fantastical story to take place.

Oeming and Bendis:
photo photo

The standard Bendis sketch that I got:
Oeming Sketch
Bendis' sketch for Will on top, Oeming's sketch on the bottom. Oeming would have done a better sketch if he weren't trying to finish a commissioned sketch:
Bendis Sketch
Oeming's "Something badass" for Christine:
Oeming Sketch


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