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Comic-Con: Scott Morse

Updated 8/10/05: got some paintings from Scott Morse at Comic-Con 2005

Scott Morse was one of the coolest artists I met at the convention (I'm biased because we both dig Kurosawa films). We got to trade lists of Kurosawa films that we've both seen. He's pretty much seen every film that I haven't, though I have seen one that he hasn't (Ichiban Utsukushiku, which was a war propaganda-ish film that Dower showed a class that I was in). I bought several comics of his, including The Barefoot Serpent, Little Grey Man, Smack Dab, and The Kid from Planet Earth. I've only had time to read Visitations and The Barefoot Serpent, the latter of which I liked because of the Rashomon parallels, as well as the Kurosawa theme of becoming yasashii (easy/nice/gentle).

The sketch of Toshiro Mifune/Kikuchiyo in Seven Samurai that Morse did for me was simply amazing (he was breaking in his new copic markers, which Amanda talks about in her blog):

Update 8/11/03:

Here's a sketch he did for Christine:

And here's the awesome sketch he did for Will:

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