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Comic-Con: McKean and Gaiman

McKean and Gaiman did a session together. It was mostly Gaiman answering (partly due to audience bias, partly due to personality). It was fun to see them up there together, as they had plenty to jibe each other about.

One of the funniest stories was about a convention that Gaiman went to where someone came up and gave Gaiman a set of death dolls. Included in the set was one of Gaiman himself with a black leather jacket, black glasses, and frumpy hair. Later on Gaiman was at a sushi restaurant and didn't have a place to put the doll, so he placed it on the counter. The scene worked out somewhat like:

A Japanese waitress comes up, looks at Gaiman, looks at the doll, and then looks back at Gaiman

WAITRESS: "He is you?"
GAIMAN: nods
WAITRESS: "You John Lennon-san?"
GAIMAN: "No no"
WAITRESS: "But he is you?"
GAIMAN: nods
WAITRESS: "Oh, I understand John Lennon-san. I tell no one."

Waitress then asks Gaiman for an autograph, which he signs "Neil Gaiman." She doesn't seem to notice.

Gaiman likes grotesque bunnies. I mentioned this because Amanda and Christine like grotesque bunnies as well. Perhaps this is why chicks dig Sandman (a common subconscious love of grotesque bunnies). Anyway, Gaiman saw a bunny sculpture with three eyes and three ears, bought it, and then asked the maker if she could make him a bunny every month, which he places on his window sills. Once he got one that was actually a fairly normal looking white one. Gaiman's wife came in and said, "finally, a normal one." To which Gaiman's daughter replied, "one of the heads is dead."

Gaiman was riffing on an exploding carp theme throughout the entire session. McKean apparently loves fish, and even has a koi pond. Gaiman had read in Weekly World News that carp could explode from eating the nitrates in the pond and saw fit to warn McKean. Later on, in response to another question about how Gaiman and McKean met, Gaiman talked about how he tripped over Dave's body in a back alley and Dave was asking him for money. Gaiman busted out the quote of the day (IMHO), which was "Give a person a fish and he'll turn it into art, teach him how to fish and he'll have a pond full of exploding carp." I found this a brilliant riff on the exploding carp theme, but others seem to not find it as delightful.

"Mr. Crazy Hair" is due to an message Gaiman's daughter wrote when Gaiman was having a very bad hair day ("Dear Mr. Crazy Hair").

Mr. Croup and Mr. Vandemar were actually one of Gaiman's original characters when he was a teenager. He saw these two characters in suits on the street completely out of place and thought to himself, "why they're Mr. Croup and Mr. Vandemar." He put them into a story but it was never published. When Neverwhere came around he decided to include them there. (my memory on this anecdote is faulty)

McKean is doing some production design for Harry Potter (spiders, hippogriffs, and dementors). On a related note, Gaiman doesn't think Rowling stole Harry Potter from Tom Thumb, because if she did she would have changed things more to make it less obvious.

Someone commented that Rickman should play Gaiman in the movie biography. I laughed because I had been having a similar thought all convention.

Someone noted that the more brilliant the person, the stranger their appetites seem to be, and then asked what Gaiman and McKeans diets were liked. Gaiman responded that when he ate at McKean's house, he was served pizza with apricots, and left it at that.

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