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Comic-Con: Tarantino

I went to Ballroom 20 fifteen minutes early to see Eliza Dushku and ended up getting to see Quentin Tarantino's suprise panel.


Tarantino decided to show up to preview a new trailer for his upcoming film Kill Bill. Tarantino was a complete spaz and gave a couple of Harvey Weinstein impersonations (mostly about how much Harvey loved Kill Bill). He also detailed about how Kill Bill was split into two films during the actual shooting after they noticed that it would be over three hours long, which would be silly for a kung-fu spaghetti western. The movie was amenable into be split into two, and could even be split into ten separate pieces if necessary and shown as serials.

Tarantino also described how it would be fun to redo Citizen Kane just for himself and completly change the ending to rosebud was instead something very, very, different (and obscene). This came out of his spiel on how much he enjoyed the remake of Psycho, mainly because in the remake you already know the secret of Norman Bates character. Instead of being a thriller/mystery, the remake instead has to be a character study and does so without altering the script.

Michael Madsen and Darryl Hannah were also there, though they were mostly silent (Hannah had a cap pulled over her puffy eyes). One questioner related a funny Madsen anecdote: someone had come up to Madsen during the conference to ask a question that Madsen felt was obvious/dumb, and Madsen gave him a curt reply. This person then said, "thanks for making me feel like a dumb ass," to which Madsen replied, "I think you did that to yourself."

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