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Interesting blog layout

Saw this innovative DHTML layout Got FoO - Office 2K3 Style. The most impressive thing to me was the responsiveness of the UI. Apparently it's all driven by Javascript RPC, which I wasn't aware even existed. Warning: the "personal" category is not worksafe.
(via Marc's Voice)

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You were just looking at the naked chicks not the DHTML... I know it! ;-)

i don't really like it. too busy.


As a front page blog layout it's not particularly effective as it is not suited towards reading all of the most recent items quickly in a single clump, but it is good at presenting a large number of separate, categorized items. i.e. you can actually browse through all ten category archives on his site extremely fast. The latency is comparable to a desktop application. I would really want something similar for Web mail/photos/briefcase for example. Also, this would be very nice for browsing discussion board or mailing list archives.

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