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Reading backlog

I cleared off a lot of my reading back log today, as I had a huge pile of comics and several half-finished novels lying around. Here's the damage:

Graphic novels:
- Black Orchid (Gaiman/McKean)
- Y: The Last Man, both of which were fun to read

- The Gunslinger (Stephen King). The Gunslinger didn't impress me as a book that should've taken twelve years to write, though it was a interesting, light read inbetween my other reads, kinda like the bread they sometimes give you at wine tastings.
- Seville Communion (in progress). After having spent twenty-three years reading nothing about templars, it seems that I've been finding references to them everywhere. I think it all started when I tried to read Foucault's Pendulum. How apt.

- Wolverine #3 (really like this story so far)
- Venom #3 (it's fun to see Venom recast as a horror character)
- Spectacular Spider-Man #1-2 (which looks a lot like Venom #3), Daredevil #25
- Ultimates #11
- Ultimate X-Men #35 (I liked reading a Spidey/Wolverine matchup from the fresh Ultimate perspective)
- Ultimate Spider-Man #43 (not liking the new arc so far)

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