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Attention cellphone shoppers

Nokia 6800If you're unfortunate enough to have my cellphone listed in your addressbook, get ready to change the number listed there. I've decided to get the Nokia 6800. The main feature of the phone that you can't see in the photo is that it flips open to reveal a butterfly-like keyboard, which is really easy to use. After watching metamanda try to type a URL into another phone, I really began to appreciate how useful this would become.

I would have already bought it but it appears that you get a much better deal if you buy it online. Also, pqbon got the same phone yesterday and he's testing it out, so I'm just making sure the coverage will be good at 1010. We're also going to try and get a SyncML server up and running so that neither or us has to spend thirty minutes copying down our phone numbers from our cellphone address book. The SyncML server should also mean that I can add addresses/numbers to my address book from any computer (work/home) and have it appear on my cellphone. If I get the right software I should also be able to do calendaring stuff.

I know I told most that I was getting a camera phone. I was going to get the Sanyo 8100, but SprintPCS pissed me off to no end (first telling me that I couldn't get a rebate, then after I walked away calling me back to tell me that I could, and then wanting $55/mo for their minimum Internet-enabled plan), and I decided in the end that being able to type was a more important feature than being able to snap low quality photos. The LG VX 6000 does seem like a very cool phone, though.

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You'll be able to type an email address, but will you be able to send photos to it from your camera, beeyatch? :)


no, but I'll be able to send photos to it from yours (when your plan is up) :)

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