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Worst Comic...Ever

I bought a copy of Youngblood: Bloodsport and Youngblood: Genesis at Comic-Con, partly out of nostalgia (I had stopped collecting comics in 1992/3, just as Image Comics was stirring things up), and also out of respect for Eric and Chad Walker (, who were working their butts off at the booth drawing really cool drawings for anyone who asked.

Youngblood: Genesis (art by the Walker bros) was pretty much as I expected, nothing spectacular, but not a disappointment. Youngblood: Bloodsport, however, is definitely the worst comic book I have read. If I have read worse, the bad taste of this one has washed those memories away. I think Liefeld has actually become worse as an artist - some parts of the pages looked like he decided inking was too much effort and xeroxed the pencils instead.

The most terrible part, though - if you can believe it - wasn't even Liefeld's fault. Millar's story reeks. The dialogue was not nearly as clever as it thought it was, and the story feels like they pasted a bad parody on top of the first couple chapters of Takami's Battle Royale (I assume issue 2 will tackle the next couple of chapters). I had to glance at the cover several times to confirm that it was in fact Millar that wrote the script, because I couldn't reconcile this with the Millar who actually wrote some stories I liked. There was one funny bit with third rate superheroes jumping in and taking credit for stopping the bad guys, but alas, I've already spared too many words for the worst comic...ever.

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