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Some of you probably already know about the new Google Calculator. It started to prove some worth yesterday when metamanda asked me how far a league was, but little did I know how powerful this sucker was until I stumbled upon this post. Clearly an MIT student programmed the thing, because the calculator can convert smoots to feet, or even tell you the diameter of earth in smoots. If that weren't enough, who would have thought that a calculator would have the answer to life, the universe and everything?

Update: via Jed - hbar in slug smoot^2 per fortnight. Also, to follow-up on the post, here's a table for you mp3 rippers:
- 30GB iPod with 128kbps mp3s = 22.8 days
- 30GB iPod with 192kbps mp3s = 15.17 days
- 30GB iPod with 256kbps mp3s = 11.4 days
- 30GB iPod with 320kbps mp3s = 9.1 days

Update 2 (8/15/03): Jed has written an article on k5: Fun with the Google Calculator


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