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"Stop making fun of us" - Bill O'Reilly

NY Daily News - News - Bill O'Reilly: Calling Al Franken a satirist is a farce

To paraphrase in my own words: "Fox News is so cool. That's why everyone hates it and tries to make fun of it. But those liberals that make fun of Fox are just jealous. They wish they were as cool as Fox. And making fun of cool people just isn't cool. That's why we support Ashcroft. He'll take all those ultraliberal types that want to make fun of cool people and throw them in jail where they belong with all the other hippies."

And to quote in O'Reilly's own words:

"Fox has succeeded by mixing a populist-traditional, pro-American editorial posture with lively debate that includes voices the traditional network news organizations would never allow airtime."

Hmmm.... I wonder why no other network will allow those people airtime? Could it be because they're stupid enough to draw future troop movements in the sand?

Actually, my favorite quote is, "The accusation that Fox is a conservative network is pure propaganda." How could people possibly think that? I mean, doesn't every news Web site have prominent links to books like "Let Freedom Ring: Winning the War of Liberty over Liberalism" and Oliver North's "Mission Compromised"?
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the math dork in me like this part: "Now there is a wider range of thought and expression available 2-4/7"

2 minus 4/7?


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