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But what about 'Croatoan'?

- - Archeologists make Jamestown discovery - Aug. 27, 2003

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Croatoan....wonder what the hell that is.....
odd tribe of Indians?
the Island?
A cruel joke?
Pubic hair?

probably an alternate dimension


I learned about the colony of Roanoke and the mysterious message "croatoan" in History recently. As the story goes, when the settlers arrived at Roanoke for the first time, their leader, Sir Richard Grenville departed back to England shortly after their arrival. All of the settlers were men and supplies were limited, so when Sea Captain sir Francis Drake unexpectedly arrived, all the settlers went back to England with him. Then again in later years some other settlers were sent to Roanoke to try again, this time with women and led by John White. White sailed back to England to get supplies but was unable to return for about three years, but when he did, the settlers were gone and the word "Croatoan" was carved into a tree. White took this to mean that they had relocated to the island of Croatoan which was close by, but he went there and they were not there. They were never found again. Croatoan was also an indian tribe and some people argue that the settlers were annihilated by the indians.


Wouldn't there be some evidence of a massacre by local Indians though?

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