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Monster Garage: Backyard monsters

Monster Garage did a cool episode on "Backyard Monsters" where they showed a bunch of creations that other people had made. Here are some that I was able to find links for:
- Dobbertin Surface Orbiter (photo links at the bottom). Built out of an oil tanker, it can travel on land and sea.
- Draka. When we saw this, we immediately said "Burning Man" (confirmed by this unfortunate article) It's a gigantic dragon vehicle that shoots flames.
- Shortcut High. A chopped school bus that gives new meaning to "short bus."
- Carthedral. A Goth chick's dream car.
- Mirabilis Statuarius Vehiculum. A car witha bunch of artsy stuff glued on top of it.

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I must point out that the visual association CNN made in their article is misleading. They have a photo of Draka - but Draka was NOT the art car involved in this unfortunate and freak accident. Please don't perpetuate this misinformation!




Hi Fry,

I only meant to imply that Draka was at Burning Man, but thank you for clearing up the ambiguity. BTW, I was talking with someone who was at Burning Man the other day and he described the "art car" as a small lame pickup with a sofa in the back, or something of the like. I don't know how this qualifies as an art car, but oh well.


I'm trying to get info on the one wheeled motor bike from that episode. thank you


does anyone have any pics of the rocket roadster from the backyard monsters episode of monster garage? if so please send to my email.

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