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Moaning Caverns

photo After Jeff's great stories from his previous visit, we decided to venture with him back to Moaning Caverns, which is halfway to Bear Valley along highway 4 (east of Stockton). This was my first time (a) visiting a limestone cavern and (b) rapelling, and I had a lot of fun. The rapelling only lasted 5-10 minutes, but it's definitely the way to view the cavern. The photos can speak for the rest.

This map shows what the interior of the cavern looks like. At the top of the map you see the two entrances into the cavern. The left entrance is the one we took, the one on the right is a set of stairs for the less adventurous. After climbing down several feet, you pass through a narrow hole that drops you into the center of the cavern, over a hundred feet up. All-in-all the cave is 165' to the bottom. It's a pretty nice view:

Here are some more photos from the interior:
photo photo photo
photo photo photo

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