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Notes: Crab Canon

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The "Crab Canon" is by far my favorite side-story in GEB, so I'd be remiss in not posting my notes on it.

Structure: Same backwards and forward


Crab Canon by M.C. Escher

- ~1965
- Tessellation of crabs
- I cannot find any photos of this online, just the print in GEB itself

Crab Canon by Bach

- Single theme runs forwards and backwards
- From the Musical Offering

Crab DNA sequence

- Gene structure


- Story structure is identical: T = Tortoise, A = Achilles, C = Crab, G = Gene

Neat reversals


De gustibus non est disputandum
Disputandum non est de gustibus

I myself wouldn’t touch a guitar with a ten-foot pole
I myself wouldn’t touch a ten-foot pole with a guitar

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