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Two more for the field

Looks like Clark won't be endorsing Dean anytime soon - he's officially launched his campaign for presidency. The announcement seems most unfortunate for John "Gunboat Captain" Kerry, who's carrier-filled announcement loses out to Wesley "NATO Supreme Commander" Clark.

Also, John Edwards has officially announced that he is running. I only make note of this because I was depressed to see that there was no mention of the fact that he made the announcement on the Daily Show first, in order to keep a off-handed promise that he made when he was last on the show a year ago. I do have to give Edwards points, though. First, he actually kept his word to a small Comedy Central Show. Second, with all the news filled with reports of a Cat 2 hurricane headed straight for his state, he still went down to North Carolina and got the high school band to trumpet his announcement.

- - Clark to launch 2004 presidential bid Wednesday - Sep. 16, 2003
- - Edwards formally launches presidential campaign - Sep. 16, 2003

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