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Frank Gehry - Disney Concert Hall

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The Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles is complete and they'll be letting visitors in soon. I like most of Gehry's work so I wanted to get some photos while I was down there for the weekend.

I also had the opportunity to visit a Gehry exhibit just across the street at the MoCA, which was really interesting. I imagine what they do with this exhibit is whenever a new Gehry building opens, they transport this exhibit over there to help promote the opening. They had tons of models of (none of these projects have finished construction, and some may never be constructed): - Le Clos Jordan winery in Ontario, Canada - Corcoran Art Museum extension in DC - NY Times headquarters - Marques de Riscal in Elciego Spain - Princeton Science Library - Puente de Vida, Panama - Stata Complex in Cambridge, MA - Gateway to Venice - Astor Place Hotel in New York

And by tons, I means dozens of models, large and small from various stages in the planning, from unintelligible preliminary sketch (not a single Gehry sketch was understandable to me), to final working models (where available). If your name is Mr. Tyler and you happen to like architecture, you might enjoy seeing this exhibit if you happen to be in LA...unless you really dislike Gehry.

I wasn't allowed to take photos of these models, but I have posted my Disney Concert Hall photos.


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Blakely Smith:

I like Gehry's work, however his buildings all seem the same on the outside to me.


Hi. Have you seen the concert hall photo gallery here >> ? I like this page too >> . How about you?


They link was very nice. Thanks for posting it.


This thing is a monstrosity. An insult to the eyesight. Perhaps it will fall over and be re-cycled for its stainless steel.
At least the Sydney Opera House has a nice setting in which to stand, but this much vaunted, misproportioned, grotesque object should be shunned and regarded as a carbuncle on the face of the city of Los Angeles.


I have to respectfully disagree. The Gehry building happens to stand in a completely unremarkable part of town. There's is nothing around it for it to blight. Hopefully it's presence will inspire more interesting development around it. If anything is the eyesore, I would point to the LA Cathedral a couple blocks down. There are ugly Gehry buildings, but I don't think that this is one of them.

I've used one of your Disney photos (nice pics BTW) on a blog post here.

If you object, leave me a comment / send an email and I'll take it down.


All the buildings look the same? Are you out of your mind? Look at any city... THAT'S all the same. I think what you must have meant was, his work is "alike" in it's genius! Similar in it's unique brilliance!!! Gees, I wish ALL OF L.A. was by Mr. Gehry! Or at least my house!

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