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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

LACMA has a permanent exhibit of Japanese art that is rather cool. They built a building specifically for it that uses fiberglass filters on the windows and running water to create the effect that you are in a Japanese country-side home surrounded by shoji screens. One thing that I thought was cool is they had a tiger/dragon scroll. You can click on the image to see a larger version that shows some of the brush detail - I think the dragon is particularly cool. In the extended entry I also posted some pictures of Bishamonten, the Guardian of the North, squashing a demon beneath his feet, and the Carefree Hotei, painted by Zen Monk Fugai Ekun.

photo photo photo

Two paintings of Hotei by Fugai Ekun. In the first, the Zen Monk Hotei crosses a stream. In the second, "Carefree Hotei points the way to the moon (enlightenment) but warns not to concentrate on the finger (the teachings)."
photo photo

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I have received three e-mails about the LACMA art. They were mostly nagging to photograph the work to add to my portfolio. A pleasure to meet someone new.


I was wondering, in Bishamonten's left hand, is he holding a Pagoda, as often is depicted in other statues and such, or is it a stupa?

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