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Photoshop Album 2.0 on the way

... including a free version with some of the more important features stripped out. This was a glaring problem with the first one - there was no way for people to try it out beforehand. I love using Album 1.0 and I hope 2.0 will solve my very few complaints with the original version (too much scrolling in the tags pane, can't export source images with the Web photo gallery, tags are organized hierarchically - even though they themselves are relational).
Adobe offers free Photoshop Album | CNET

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Actually, there'd been a tryout version of PhotoShop Album 1.0 on their website priort to this... it had a limit of like 250 pictures in the database, or something like that.

Too bad the new version isn't a free upgrade for recent purchases. I bought a copy a few months ago, but haven't been able to use it much, what with my upgrade problems. *sigh* Never got the update to install, either, which is probaby my biggest gripe.


Maybe you just need to finally reformat the hard drive on that Windows machine of yours :)


Actually, I tried it twice, both were against fresh installs onto an empty drive. I dunno what went wrong... the installer would launch, and then just never show the next dialog.

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