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Top 100 Novels for American Monkeys

After I posted the Guardian's list of top 100 novels, I received a chorus of "they're biased towards British authors, this list is so pretentious!, etc..." So, to correct for some of that bias, here's Random House's list:
The Modern Library | 100 Best | Novels

WARNING: before you click on the link, it might be wise to shield the right half of your browser so as to not read their reader's list, which would shame a Raelian.

I scored an amoeba-worthy six. James Joyce would have given me an eleven. On the kool-aid list I did a little better with a ten.


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I may rip on the readers' list, but the sad thing is i have 18 from the publisher's list, and like 32 from the readers' list. Including Stephen King. Including Anthem, which was so bad I wanted to give myself paper cuts on my eyes just to distract from the pain of reading Ayn Rand's stiff prose and one-dimensional "characters". ugh.

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