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iPod wishes come true

My "dream" iPod would be one that I could take on a trip with me and use to dump photos off my camera so that I wouldn't have to constantly steal metamanda's laptop or ask my Uncle to burn my a CD. Now it looks like my wish is coming true. Among today's iPod announcements:
- new $99 Belkin flash card reader accessory that plugs into the iPod and syncs with iPhoto (what about Photoshop Album?)
- iTunes for Windows, including Rendevous support
- microphone recorder for iPod

One of the most intelligent things (IMHO) that they announced today was a new "allowance" feature that allows parents to give their kids a music allowance in the music store. While I was at PARC I found out about studies that showed parents often used cell phones as a way of educating their kids about budgeting, and this seems to be a smart extension of that principle that will probably be very popular.

Update: They also announced that Apple has partnered with AOL to offer iTunes Music Store on AOLMusic. Woah.

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