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Banned IPs

This is the list of currently banned IPs for this site. I've been receiving comment spam so I've taken to blocking the IP addresses directly. Maybe I'll switch to MTBlacklist soon:


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» fun with spambots from heerforceone
Over the last month or so, I've noticed all sorts of spam comments getting posted to my blog. My favorite so far read something along the lines of: Great blog! Fascinating, relevant posts. Check out for penis enlargement solutions.... [Read More]

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A new comment for an old post about an ongoing issue - comment spam. I was trying to rescue my banned IP list from a backup copy of my blog and was looking for the file where the list was saved in MT. A Google search led me here, among others.

I decided to install MT-Blacklist. We'll see how that works. Next, MT-Spel. I see you (seem to) have it working here, and I like it!



MT Blacklist definitely has helped out. It's blocked over 900 spams now, and helped me delete a couple hundred more, which is a lot for this site.

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