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Office 2003, now with e-mail notification

The tech news is much abuzz with the release of Office 2003, and ArsTechnica pointed me to the new feature comparison chart between 2k3 and previous versions. According to this chart it would appear that previous versions of Office were an empty box, as they appear to have no features whatsoever. The part of the chart I found really amusing, though, are the features exclusive to 2k3:
- E-mail notification: Pop-up announcements inform you immediately of new e-mail messages -- no matter what program you are in
- Arrange by conversation: Arrange your Inbox by conversation (or thread) to see all messages on a particular topic
- Quick Flags: Flag messages by priority or time sensitivity, and then find them in whatever folder they reside
- PowerPoint enhanced multimedia support: PowerPoint 2003 supports additional video formats and full-screen video playback.
- Outlook 2003 local caching: Local caching downloads all necessary information to your computer as it comes in

There were more that were amusing, but they weren't exclusive to Office 2003, including file password locking that now actually encrypts the file, and being able to stay connected to the Exchange server when you roam.
Office 2003 Editions: Compare Them to Previous Versions


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